These popular cakes are so pretty and cute to look it. But, everyone wants to know what is it? A Cake Bomb is a little miniature flavored cake with bold flavors from top to bottom. Each cake is flavored to match their laze. Made from scratch and dipped by hand, producing a moist flavorful cake that everyone is talking about.


Our most popular flavor. A lemon cake, lemon glaze and dusted with fresh lemon zest.


A coconut cake with a coconut glaze, topped with toasted coconut.

Strawberry Guava

A Strawberrry Guava cake dipped in a strawberrry glaze.



Made with Fruitty Pebbles®

Green Tea

A matcha green tea cake with a green tea glaze.


A blueberry cake with whole blueberries and a blueberry glaze


Chocolate Hazelnut

A hazelnut cake with a chocolate hazelnut icing


A coffee cake with a coffee glaze using our Hawaiian coffee