We do not use pre-made ice cream mixes or base at our Bakeshop. Instead, we pasteurize our own Ice Cream base in house which means we control the creaminess, butterfat and flavor of our base before we even turn it into ice cream. And, without the use of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and stabilizers, you get the creamiest, silky, flavorful ice cream you can imagine.

We bake special items to go in our ice creams, like our special chocolate ice cream brownies, peanut butter cookies, cookie dough, caramel bites and chocolate candies. Our most popular flavor is the She’s So Strawberry ice cream, with bits of strawberries that will make  you oh so happy.

On Easter Sunday 2017, we introduced the world to our newest creation, the MALAFROZADA®. It is our very own malasada ice cream that is made with a malasada base and has chunks of…. yes, malasadas! We top it with sugar to give it that crunch and sweetness, just like the classic malasada. It is made with malasadas, it taste like malasadas but it is ice cream! Each spoon will give you a different experience. Get a scoop or pint today!


She’s So Strawberry

This is whatcha call Strawberry Ice Cream

Avery’s Chocolate Avalanche

Because chocolate, marshmallows and hawaiian coffee are divine.

Coffee Rush

Made with our very own 100% Hawaiian Coffee


A malasada cream base with bits of malasadas and sugar throughout and topped with sugar. Our take on a frozen malasada. Sooo good.


Molly Madness

Crazy good cookies and cream

Sweet Matcha

A sweetened green tea

Vavanilla Beanie

These beans scream Vanilla

Cookie Crumble

Our cinnamon base with our buttery oatmeal cran cookie. Holy moly.


Show Me The Dough

Loaded with balls of cookie dough and chocolate chips


Chocolate Money

A deep rich chocolate

M&M Overload

Packed with M&M® candy


And you thought those peanut butter cups were good