Our malasadas have changed the way people think of the popular doughnut. Malasadas are a huge part of the Hawaiian culture and we knew we would have to raise the bar if we attempted to serve this lovely treat at Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamey;.  After one year of perfecting our very own Pipeline Classic Malasada and over 100 test batches, we finally came up with a product that we are extremely proud of.  We introduced Hawai’i to the first malasada that doesn’t have the oily after taste and best of all, will last for days. Our malasadas will maintain its perfect shape and sugar coating the next day, which shocks most people. They do not defate, soak up the sugar and turn into an oily magnet.

In true malasada form, we do not fill any of our malasdas. We do offer 4 types of sugar that coat the outside. Our crunchy exterior and oh so soft and tender interior will make for an awesome malasada experience.  Of course, we serve them HOT at the Bakeshop daily. Come by and order yours today.. You can call us at (808)738-8200 for pre-orders of 1 dozen or more.


Our most popular malasada, dusted in white sugar giving you a the perfect flavor with each bite.


A nice subtle hint of cocoa mixed with sugar. If you like hot chocolate with your donuts, you’ll like this sugar.



Have your coffee and malasada in one bite. Our malasada coated in a sugar mixed with our very own Pipeline Classic coffee.

Li Hing

Yes! Li hing mixed with sugar will surprise you how good it is. Kicks up the sugar just the right amount,